9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship
By Antonio Guillem | Shutterstock

9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship

Ever wonder why so many men leave their relationships easily? Although there are numerous factors that play a role in ending a relationship, there are some very common reasons that make men decide to simply leave their relationships. Read on to find out what are the most common reasons why men end their relationships.

9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship
By Julia Strekoza | Shutterstock
  1. When a man feels constantly judged by you rather than accepted, which is what a good partner should do, the man will eventually get away. The truth is that it’s very tough or nearly impossible to change people and trying to do so will definitely steer them away. Either you learn to accept them with their flaws just as you would expect your man to accept you with your flaws or you just leave him instead.
  1. When the woman is more successful than the man, the man tends to feel intimidated. If the woman makes more money than him or gets more public attention, the man will sometimes develop an inferiority complex that will make him begin to dislike their partner and the relationship all together.
9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship
By fizkes | Shutterstock
  1. When a man feels that you are not being completely honest with him and you guys can’t seem to communicate over it, this will make the relationship deteriorate. Even the small white lies can begin to create distance in the relationship and developing a habit for these can turn into a bigger issue that will eventually end your relationship.
  1. When your sexual life becomes a once in a blue moon routine or practically disappears, this will definitely drive your man away. A healthy relationship must always have that spark and chemistry well present. A good sex life with your partner nurtures your relationship and if you let that die, you might as well kiss goodbye to your relationship.
9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship
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  1. Similarly, when your relationship turns into a roommate like relationship, there’s practically no way back. The man will lose complete interest and you will both become literally roommates splitting the rent and utilities. This is a really sad situation that you definitely want to avoid.
  1. Not allowing enough space and freedom in your relationship can eventually end it too. It’s really nice to do most things together, but it’s also healthy for both to keep your own friends and social life and allow for a couple hours away from each other. This will help keep the relationship healthy and stronger. You must build your relationship on trust.
9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship
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  1. Being open is very important, but avoid opening up about your previous relationships as much as you can. The last thing you want is for your man to feel compared in any way shape or form. Remember, men’s egos are extremely sensitive! Therefore, you must be very cautious and choose carefully what you want to share with him.
  1. It’s important to always care for yourself and for him. If your man notices that you gain weight and don’t care much for your appearance, this will definitely steer him away. You must keep your man always interested in you, and feeling the need for you. Therefore, taking care of your appearance and health as well as his is essential to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.
9 Reasons Why Men Leave Their Relationship
By Dmytro Zinkevych | Shutterstock
  1. When you don’t believe in your man’s dreams and show him support, he will go away. You know the saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman?” It’s known that some of the most successful men have had great women by their side who positively influenced them and supported them. Believe in your man and support him all the way, this is key to build a very strong relationship.

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