Healthier Choices of Bottled Water

Healthier Choices of Bottled Water

When selecting what brand of bottled water to drink, there is one essential fact that you must focus on. That is, knowing how much acidity a particular brand of water contains. The lower the acidity, which means the higher level of pH, the healthier it is for your body. We want to be drinking water that is as close to a neutral pH level, which is a level 7 or higher if possible. The following are a couple brands of bottled water out in the market that contain higher levels of pH. So, if you are not already drinking one of these brands at least, then, you may want to consider switching.


Nestle Pure Life (pH level of 6.3)

If you like a good tasting water, with near neutral acidity and inexpensive, Nestle Pure life is one of your best options. This water contains a blend of minerals which give it its unique and refreshing taste. It’s probably the closest in taste to Fiji water which you can read about next.


Fiji (pH Level of 7.0)

You probably all know the brand Fiji, but if you don’t you’ll find that this water tends to be a bit pricy. But once you drink it you’ll find out that the unique taste of this water it’s worth the money you pay. The best part of drinking Fiji water is that it contains a perfectly neutral acidity level which is the ideal that our body needs.


Evamor (pH Level of 8.8 – 9.1)

If you are looking to consume water with the least acidity and are not worried about how pricy it can be. Then, you can turn to drinking alkalinized water which has a pH level of 9. Evamor is a natural, high-alkaline artesian water with rich minerals and electrolytes that help balance your metabolism.


Essentia (pH Level of 9.5 or higher)

It’s probably one of the most expensive waters that you’ll find in the market. Essentia bottled water is supercharged ionized alkaline water. This water has scientifically shown to rehydrate better. It’s important to know that there’s a difference between high alkaline water and high pH water. Essentia is a high pH (9.5 or higher) water created through a unique ionization process.


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